Monday 15 April

The politics of South Africa after the World Cup: Strategies for taking forward struggles for equality, dignity and social justice in South Africa

SECTION27 was launched at a conference of activists, legal professionals, and civil society organisations on May 6 – 7 2010. That conference began a discussion on the state of the Constitution, human rights and rule of law in South Africa, and the role that activists, lawyers, and civil society organisations should have in the continued struggle for the realisation of equality and dignity in South Africa.

In continuation of the discussions begun at that conference, SECTION27 hosted an activist dialogue – The Politics of South Africa after the World Cup: Strategies for Taking Forward Struggles for Equality, Dignity and Social Justice in South Africa – on 5 August 2010 to further discuss the links between current politics, the use of human rights law and the Constitution, and struggle.

The discussions were taped and we have now made them available below.

Introduction – Mark Heywood

Dialogue 1 – Who has the power to transform South Africa – What the Constitution should mean for Social Justice Activists?

Jay Naidoo
former General Secretary of COSATU, Former Minister
Adila Hassim
Head of Litigation and Legal Services, SECTION27


Dialogue 2 – Who does the government belong to and how can we make it accountable? Taking Forward COSATU’s World Cup Declaration

Nonkosi Khumalo
Chairperson of the Treatment Action Campaign
Zwelinzima Vavi
General Secretary of COSATU