SECTION27 issued a submission on the “Draft Regulations Relating to Categorisation of Hospitals” to the Director-General of Health, Ms. Malebona Precious Matsoso on 11 October 2011

Yesterday, SECTION27 responded to the “Draft Regulations Relating to the Categorisation of Hospitals” issued by the Minister of Health on 12 August 2011. The regulations aim to comprehensively categorise hospitals; if drafted properly they will improve health care service provision, offer important guidelines to health care providers and enable civil society to hold hospitals and government accountable.
Unfortunately, shortcomings in the draft regulations render them incapable of fulfilling this potential without significant revision.
The submission, sent to the Director-General of Health on 11 October 2011, identifies numerous shortcomings in the draft regulations. Read the full text of the submission here.
In the detailed submission SECTION27 identifies significant problems in the draft and offers practical solutions to them.

The problems include:

  • the categories are not coherent;
  • key definitions are missing – without these definitions the regulations cannot provide meaningful standards capable of enforcement;
  • section 10 of the draft regulations appears to grant the Minister broader managerial powers that he is allowed by the National Health Act (NHA) – the legislation that enables these regulations in the first place and;
  • section 10 of the draft regulations also identifies the wrong sections of the NHA to guide hospital management.

Given the extent of concerns raised by this draft, SECTION27 calls on the Minster of Health to thoroughly and carefully revise the regulations and subsequently publish them for comment once again.

The submission is part of SECTION27’s commitment to ensuring access to health care services for South Africa’s most vulnerable and marginalized. Read the full submission here.

For more information contact: John Stephens at +27 11 356 4100

Folateng is a private wing within the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital shown above.  The Draft Regulations Relating to the Categorisation of Hospitals don’t have a category for Folateng.  SECTION27 identifies this shortcoming and many others in its submission on the draft regulations.  Read the full submission here.