Tuesday 27 February

MEDIA STATEMENT: Civil society organisations call for principled contracting with private sector in the COVID-19 health response, as well as more coordination and transparency

        21 May 2020 CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS CALL FOR PRINCIPLED CONTRACTING WITH PRIVATE SECTOR IN THE COVID-19 HEALTH RESPONSE, AS WELL AS MORE COORDINATION AND TRANSPARENCY   The undersigned civil society organisations welcome the measures put in place by government to combat the spread of COVID-19. The Continue Reading

Philani Clinic: A timeline of failure

A few meters from the entrance to Philani Clinic in Queenstown, opposite the gate, is a black-walled tavern. On weekdays, it’s as quiet as a church; but on weekends, music bursts out of its dark interior, cars line the street and patrons dance between them, holding beer cans and bottles.  The gates of the clinic are not

National Budget for Health: Cuts to budget for non-communicable diseases of serious concern

South Africa’s health care system remains under significant strain. The quadruple burden of disease (consisting of HIV and TB, non-communicable diseases, violence and injuries and maternal, newborn and child health) continues amid human resources constraints, limited budgets, infrastructural challenges, essential medicine stock outs, and poor facility, district and provincial management. Continue Reading