Thursday 13 June

4 May 2012

On 4 May 2012 SECTION27 launched an urgent application against the Minister of Basic Education and the Limpopo Department of Education in relation to their complete failure to procure and deliver textbooks for learners throughout Limpopo. The academic year is almost halfway gone—yet learners in Grades R, 1, 2, 3 and 10 still do not have any textbooks. Textbooks for these learners have not been ordered and there is still no indication as to when final orders for textbooks will be made.

SECTION27 has repeatedly engaged with the provincial government and the national government on this issue, most recently with the Head of the Intervention Team. Again and again, these parties have promised to order textbooks, but they have not honoured those promises.

SECTION27 therefore brings this application, together with a secondary school in Thomo Village and the parent of two primary school learners in Thohoyandou, for an order directing the Department of Basic Education and the Limpopo Department of Education:

  1. To provide textbooks to learners throughout Limpopo who have been without textbooks since the commencement of the academic year; and
  2. To put in place a “catch-up” plan to provide additional classes to learners until their lost curriculum is recovered.

The case will be heard on 14 May 2012

Please contact Nikki Stein with inquiries. By phone: 011 356 4118. By email:

Founding affidavit 1

Supporting affidavit

Supplementary affidavit Bronwen Jill Wilson Thomas

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