Sunday 19 May



The DBE and Section 27 have agreed that Prof. Mary Metcalfe will lead an independent verification of the progress reports relating to delivery of textbooks to
schools in Limpopo. This is necessary both in order to assess the state of delivery of the current textbooks, and to provide recommendations that will assist in future years. The verification exercise will focus on learning materials to learners in grades one, two, three and 10 in Limpopo.

Any outstanding books will continue to be delivered during the course of the validation process as the priority is to make sure that all books are delivered on an urgent basis, keeping in mind the start of the next term on 16th July and the importance of textbooks in any catch-up plan.

A team has been assembled to conduct the verification process. The team will be lead by Prof Metcalfe and will consist of experienced education administrators with knowledge of textbook procurement processes, auditors , and education researchers.  Prof Tshiledzi Marwala, Dean of Engineering at the University of Johannesburg, will provide support to the
team and participate in the stakeholder processes.

The process will commence in Limpopo on Wednesday 4th July with the introduction of the team to the Provincial Administrator and his team, and a briefing of officials. This will be followed by a briefing to, and consultation with, educational stakeholders regarding the process.  These will include the teacher unions (SADTU, NAPTOSA, PEU, NATU, and SAOU) as well as the National Association of School Governing Bodies, COSAS, SACC, and the South African Principals Association.

The team will present a draft report to stakeholders on Thursday 12th July; to the DG and to Section 27 on Friday 13th July; and to the public on Saturday 24th July. The report will include a verification/ variance report of delivery of textbooks by school and by subject for a sample of 10% of schools and for those instances where information has been provided by
stakeholders and the public.  It will also provide an analysis of the process of providing textbooks in Limpopo in 2012, and recommendations.

Information from the public and from education officials will be essential to the success of this exercise.  The team will brief the DBE Help-Line officials on the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd July after which all schools which wish to report that they have not received their textbooks are requested to call in and provide information that can be included in the report. The DBE Helpline number is 0800202933. Schools are requested to report any problems they have encountered with the delivery process.

The Minister and the DG urge all officials and members of the public to give every assistance to this team.Any attempt to prevent schools from providing information must be reported to the team.


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Mary Metcalfe (082 3778787)

SECTION27 (Nikki Stein 082 528 7232)

DBE (Panyaza 072 148 9575)