Saturday 15 June

Sanitation is recognised as a human right by the United Nations. Yet last week at the World Toilet Summit in Durban it was reported that one billion people lack proper toilets. Many are in South Africa.

In fact, to discover gross violations of the right to sanitation you don’t need to look further than the toilets in many of our poorest schools.

Watch our video. It takes less than a minute. Would you accept this for your child? Then don’t accept it for somebody else’s.

Section 29 of the Constitution guarantees the right to basic education, which includes adequate school sanitation facilities. School sanitation is also a necessary component of the rights to dignity, equality, privacy and health, aswell as the right of every child to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse and degradation. Adequate sanitation also includes the right to water for handwashing, which is expressly guaranteed by section 27 of our Constitution.

In 2013 one of our priorities will be a campaign for adequate school sanitation, including handwashing facilities. Help SECTION27 to enforce these rights. Become a Friend of SECTION27 now!

Sincerely, Mark Heywood

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