On 14 and 15 November 2012, the Legal Resources Centre, Section27, Equal Education Law Centre, Centre for Child Law and Centre for Applied Legal Studies hosted an Education Conference titled: “Realising basic education as a socio-economic right: How far have we come and where are we going?”

Here are some of the issues that were discussed:

1. The problem of the other language – By Stu Woolman and Brahm Fleisch (Wits)

2. The impact of Socio-economic Factors on Educational Performance – By Amiena Bayat

3. The cost of schooling, is it still a barrier? – By Faranaaz Verieva

4. Knowledge, knowers and knowing – By Ursula Hoadley (UCT)

5. Schooling and Resources in the Eastern Cape – By Monica Hendricks (Rhodes University)

6. Learning outcomes, teacher content knowledge and absenteeism – By Nicholas Spaull (Stellenbosch)

7. School Districts – By Martin Prew

8. Survey of advocacy initiatives to improve the right to basic education in South Africa – By Patricia Martin

9. Financial Management – By Solly Tshitangano ( NASGB)

10. Early Childhood Education in South Africa, how basic is basic and have we really gone back to basics? – By Zukiswa Kota (PSAM)

11. Sexual Violence – by Dr. Shaheeda Omar and Tinka Labuschagne