Saturday 15 June

On 14 and 15 November 2012, the Legal Resources Centre, Section27, Equal Education Law Centre, Centre for Child Law and Centre for Applied Legal Studies hosted an Education Conference titled: “Realising basic education as a socio-economic right: How far have we come and where are we going?”

Here are some of the issues that were discussed:

1. The problem of the other language – By Stu Woolman and Brahm Fleisch (Wits)

2. The impact of Socio-economic Factors on Educational Performance – By Amiena Bayat

3. The cost of schooling, is it still a barrier? – By Faranaaz Verieva

4. Knowledge, knowers and knowing – By Ursula Hoadley (UCT)

5. Schooling and Resources in the Eastern Cape – By Monica Hendricks (Rhodes University)

6. Learning outcomes, teacher content knowledge and absenteeism – By Nicholas Spaull (Stellenbosch)

7. School Districts – By Martin Prew

8. Survey of advocacy initiatives to improve the right to basic education in South Africa – By Patricia Martin

9. Financial Management – By Solly Tshitangano ( NASGB)

10. Early Childhood Education in South Africa, how basic is basic and have we really gone back to basics? – By Zukiswa Kota (PSAM)

11. Sexual Violence – by Dr. Shaheeda Omar and Tinka Labuschagne