Wednesday 22 May
  • Free State Health System in Collapse – Lives are Being Lost
  • Urgent & Immediate Intervention from Minister of Health needed

Media invite to attend a press conference with the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in Bloemfontein to highlight the current crisis facing the Free State health system.

DATE: Thursday 3rd July, 9am

LOCATION: Hugenoot Bed & Breakfast, 15 Hugenoot Street, Willow, Bloemfontein


For the last week the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has undertaken a fact-finding mission in the Free State to understand the extent to which the health system is collapsing. The result of this has shown an alarming situation that requires immediate and urgent attention. Countless stories from patients trying to access health services and from community health workers have been gathered that demonstrate clearly that the province is facing a severe health crisis. Several common problematic themes have emerged including drug stockouts/shortages, facilities lacking equipment and supplies, and staff shortages to mention a few.

Details of the reports from patients and community health workers together with a full outline of the areas of concern will be presented at the press conference.

For more information please contact:

Mary-Jane Matsolo 079 802 2686 (media liaison in Bloemfontein)

Lotti Rutter 021 422 1700 / 081 818 8493


  • For over a year the TAC and SECTION27 have tried to engage the Premier Ace Magashule and his health MEC Dr Benny Malakoane. Instead of meeting with the TAC they have chosen to launch a witch hunt against activists who speak out and deny that there are problems. Doctors, nurses, activists and other roleplayers have been too fearful to speak out.
  • In December last year, the Stop Stockouts Project (SSP) reported that the Free State had recorded “alarmingly high” levels of drug stockouts and shortages, specifically TB and HIV medication. The SSP warned that at the time that a failure to institute emergency joint action by provincial and national departments had the potential to cause unnecessary suffering and death.