Sunday 19 May

Updates on Whistleblower Protections.

ODAC are launching an updated resource to guide the public and private sector on how best to protect whistleblowers in South Africa given the recent amendments to the Protected Disclosures Act.

In 2017 the Protected Disclosures Act was amneded signifcantly. Yet, little work has been done to promote or contextualise these changes. ODAC have therefore amended their Code of Good Practice to guide those in the private and public sector on how to implement the Act best to protect whistleblowers in this context.

Highlights of the Protected Disclosures Amendment Act include:

Extending the protections to non-permanent employees and workers,
Providing civil and criminal protections,
Increasing legal obligations on employers to keep whistleblowers informed, and
Extending the bodies people can make protected disclosures to.

Download Code of Good Practice


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