Monday 22 April

Submissions towards the draft Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill were due by 11 January 2018. SECTION27 commends the Department of Basic Education (DBE) for taking the pro-active step to amend the basic education legal framework in line with the education jurisprudence as well as other developments to ensure greater access for all learners to a quality basic education.

The South Africa schooling system is a fundamentally ‘bifurcated’ public schooling system that consists of well-resourced former Model-C schools on the one hand and the predominantly under-resourced and dysfunctional schools servicing poor, black African learners on the other hand. SECTION27 firmly believes that there must be unimpeded access to well- resourced schools for all learners and there be improved provisioning at under-resourced, disadvantaged schools.  Our submission therefore aims at ensuring that the proposed amendments help dismantle historical patterns of privilege and promoting equal to quality eductaion whilst simultaneously seeking to ensure that the principles of cooperative governance a participatory democracy are maintained.

You can access our full submission here: SECTION27 SUBMISSION ON BELA


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