Friday 12 July

Week Ahead

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Read the Review of the last two years of our work here:

Monday 2 July
Head of Health Sasha Stevenson will be on Real Talk on SABC 3 at 6pm for the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans. Read her profile here:

Sasha Stevenson is a young human rights lawyer who works under incredible pressure to help those who are vulnerable. She was deeply involved in the Life Esidimeni case for two years where she worked tirelessly to help others. While that is an impressive achievement on its own, she has also been a researcher for the late Chief Justice Langa at the Constitutional Court and worked for the Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court.

Tuesday 3 July

Education Policy Analyst Nic Spaull will be at the SECTION27 offices to conduct a workshop with staff on ideas around basic literacy, and building a campaign around what he terms the “binding constraints” in education. Put simply, these binding constraints are the aspects in our education system that must be fixed first – if they are not the first port-of-call, other interventions will have a limited effect. Conversely, if one of these binding constraints is improved on, this will have ripple effects outwards to improve the whole education system.

Thursday 5 July
Executive Director Mark Heywood will be attending the South African Human Rights Council dialogue discussing access to health services during protest action.

The Health Market Inquiry will finally make its preliminary report into the Private Healthcare Sector public at a media conference. Details on the period allowed for public comment and engagement on Provisional Report will be announced by the Panel Chair during the media conference.

SECTION27 has been involved in the Health Market Inquiry since it was instituted in 2014 and made arguments in favour of the Constitutional right to healthcare in the public hearings in 2016. Read our submissions here:


The week that was

A number of articles analysing the National Health Insurance and Medical Schemes Bills were published in Spotlight.


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