We condemn in the strongest possible terms the continued harassment, bullying and violent threats aimed at mostly women journalists. We particularly denounce the latest incident in which journalist Karima Brown was targeted by the Economic Freedom Fighter’s Julius Malema. Malema tweeted Brown’s phone number which led to a flood of abusive calls and messages to her phone. Several of the messages threatened to rape, kill and harm Brown. We acknowledge that it is normal in a society to disagree and not to like sentiments that some journalists and commentators express. However, an individual or a political party cannot express their unhappiness or disagreement by inciting and encouraging violence. Threatening a journalist, or any individual with rape, violence, harm and/or death is abhorrent and against the law. We need to find ways to disagree vigorously and respectfully where the rules of engagement do not include and tolerate the kind of behavior we are currently seeing. If the EFF leaders want to show true leadership, they will condemn the threats of those who speak in their name.