Saturday 15 June

“Real leaders are not blinded by the trappings of power but recognise their role as servant.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Monday 7 October – Tuesday 8 October

Executive Director Umunyana Rugege and Elinor Kern will be attending the 2019 RAITH Annual National Partner Convening. This meeting of all of RAITH’s current partners aims to analyse the social justice sector in order to explore the challenges and better ways working together.

Tuesday 8 October

Field Researcher, Patrick Mdletshe will be attending a U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) meeting with the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) civil society sector. The meeting will focus on the role of civil society in the implementation of the country operation plan, COP19, which address the AIDS response using US Funding.

Thursday 10 October

SECTION27 will join Médecins Sans Frontieres, Treatment Action Campaign and Fix the Patent Law Coalition in a Global Day of Action calling for the price reduction of Bedaquiline to increase access to improved treatment options for people with drug-resistant TB. The organisations will picket at Johnson and Johnson’s office in Midrand.

Friday 11 October

Members of the SECTION27 team will participate in a workshop with the Civil Society Working Group on state capture to draft a joint submission. This is a coalition of over twenty civil society organisations committed to ensuring accountability for crimes linked to the most recent state capture in South Africa.

Saturday 12 October

SECTION27 will join the Civil Society Working Group on State Capture  in organising a People’s Hearing on State Capture at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg on 12 October 2019. The People’s Hearing on State Capture is intended to collect and provide evidence of the impact of state capture and corruption to the country’s law enforcement agencies and to the Zondo Commission.

Spotlight on NHI: Why private sector reforms are essential to making NHI work

One fear about NHI is that it might result in the destruction of some existing private sector capacity. It is hard to imagine, for example, that under new price controls, and with new procurement mechanisms,  the private hospital that I’ve been fortunate to have access to here in Cape Town will continue to exist in the way it exists now, that is to say with many top class specialists, the latest equipment and high quality of service.

Spotlight on NHI: Why an Office of Health Products Procurement?

The Office of Health Products Procurement (OHPP) is an entity newly introduced in the 2019 version of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill. While much remains unclear about the rationale for and function of the OHPP, the Bill nevertheless gives us some important pointers.

Health department considering private sector reforms

The Competition Commission’s landmark Health Market Inquiry (HMI) into the private healthcare sector has delivered both a thorough diagnosis of problems in the sector and wide-ranging prescriptions for fixing these problems. It however remains unclear whether the Department of Health (DoH) has an appetite for implementing the prescribed solutions.

Spotlight on NHI: Why NHI should focus on cutting costs in the private sector first

African National Congress’s (ANC) policy of National Health Insurance (NHI) should be a financing mechanism, and so it is. In plain language, a financing mechanism is something involving money or finances that aims to achieve something, like transferring funds from those who are healthier and can afford it to those who are sick and cannot. Health economists study health financing reform, generally, but expertise is also required from those in the field of Health Policy and Systems. This is important in terms of health sector policy change in general, but also due to their expertise in the ‘how’ of policy implementation and what is essentially rethinking a socio-economic, political and cultural system (the health system).

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