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‘A nurse without a mask is like a soldier without a helmet – neither stands a chance against their enemy.’

 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia


Please note: As the country enters the second week of the lockdown announced by President Ramaphosa on 26 March 2020, SECTION27 staff continues to work remotely. Our advice desk will only conduct telephonic consultations. The numbers to call or Whatsapp are 060 754 0751 or 067 419 6841. We have also set up a hotline for the public to contact public interest organisations regarding rights violations: 066 076 8845.

For more information about coronavirus visit: Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 99. 9WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456


The week that was

Have you checked out our #StayHome #SaveLives video?

The South African Government has called on everyone to stay at home for the period of the #21DayLockDown. This simple act will save lives by helping to contain the outbreak of #COVID19. We all must play our part. Stay home, save lives.

Every day, as new research on COVID-19 is released, tons of information is being shared and consumed by people everywhere. It can be a tedious task sifting through what is relevant and accurate and everything else that is fake news. SECTION27 has been busy filtering information about  COVID-19. We have created the following myth-busting digital cards that separate the myths from the facts about COVID-19. Download all 8 Whatsapp cards here and share with your contacts.

COVID19 Myths about spreading  COVID19 Myths

In spotlight

COVID-19: Minister Mkhize is responsible for coordinating with the private sector

Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize must use all the legal mechanisms at his disposal to ensure that the constitutional imperative that everyone has the right to have access to health care services is realised, writes Nkululeko Conco and Tendai Mafuma.

COVID-19: Discontent among CHWs on the frontlines

In South Africa’s war against COVID-19 community healthcare workers are foot soldiers on the frontlines. Spotlight spoke to CHWs from across the country about their concerns regarding a lack of protective equipment and job security.

COVID-19: We need a People-led not Army-enforced Lockdown

South Africa’s 21-day lockdown is a drastic measure intended to help and protect the public. For it to work it needs an extraordinary level of trust, communication and clear messaging and will have to be implemented with belief, commitment and engagement by the vast majority of our people, writes Dr Lydia Cairncross and Kelly Gillespie.

COVID-19: SA to start enrolling patients in landmark WHO trial

South African researchers are poised to start enrolling patients in a landmark international clinical trial which will compare the safety and effectiveness of four different drugs or drug combinations against COVID-19.

COVID-19: Regulation 11 should prevent promotion of quack treatments, but does it?

Tendai Mafuma describes what happened when SECTION27 tried to use new regulations to bring an end to the promotion of an unproven treatment for COVID-19 in South Africa and compares the current situation with the TAC’s successful court battle against Matthias Rath’s promotion of unproven AIDS treatments.

COVID-19: Desperate pleas as protective gear runs low

Healthcare workers are sounding the alarm as life-saving protective equipment runs critically low in facilities across South Africa, and the world, due to increased demand created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

OPINION: How to turn SA’s cancer plans into concrete action

Meeting the challenge of an increasing cancer burden is only possible if there is political will to bridge the gap between our cancer policy documents and the reality faced by thousands of cancer patients in the health system writes Professors Jeannette Parkes and Lydia Cairncross.

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