4 May 2012

The TAC National Council has resolved to seek admission in a legal dispute between the brand name drug company Aventis Pharma and the generic company Cipla, over a claim of patent infringement in respect of a drug that treats cancer called Docetaxel. SECTION27 is acting as attorneys for TAC.

Attached is the briefing note that sets out the background to the legal dispute and explains why TAC is arguing that the Supreme Court of Appeal should consider the right of access to health care services when it considers this dispute.  Also attached is TAC’s affidavit in the application to be admitted as amicus curiae.

TAC has been admitted as amicus curiae by the Supreme Court of Appeal.  The hearing is scheduled for 15 May 2012.

Aventis/Cipla briefing note

Aventis/Cipla signed court order and amicus curiae application