As an organisation that acts in the public interest, we are concerned about equitable access to health care services in the private sector, particularly, pricing and the drivers of the high cost of health care in the private health care sector. We recognise the importance of understanding the complexities in the private sector as part of the constitutional obligation to attain universal health coverage. We are also keenly aware of the significant dysfunction and the need for reforms in the public sector. In this regard, it is important to note the recent publication of the National Health Insurance Bill, 2018, which was released for public comment shortly before the release of the provisional report of the HMI.

SECTION27, together with its partner, the Treatment Action Campaign, submitted comments in respect of the NHI Bill, Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, and National Quality Improvement Plan.

Please read our submissions here.

SECTION27 HMI submission on provisional report 1 October 2018

NHI submission from SECTION27 and TAC – 21 September 2018

Annexure B – HMI Summaries 2016