Friday 23 February

SECTION27 recently commissioned a case study on the Limpopo textbooks saga written by Faranaaz Veriava. “This publication documents the many facets of the case of Section 27 & Others v Minister of Education & Another (“Section 27 & Others” or commonly referred to as the “Limpopo textbook case”). It is a case study of the litigation and the subsequent three court orders to protect learner rights. At the same time it is a case study into dysfunctional governance and corruption, and its effect on state delivery and accountability. It also examines the rising media tide in the Limpopo textbook case, and the domino effect on increasing mobilisation that seeks to address the national education crisis in the country. The publication also provides an overview of the events that led to the Limpopo textbook case. Finally, the publication analyses some of the strategies employed by SECTION27 in the course of the litigation as possible lessons for future rights-based advocacy.”

A copy is available here: The 2012 Limpopo Textbook Crisis