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No Reconciliation with Corruption!

Nelson Mandela Bridge at 10am – Noon Wednesday 16th December

Monday 14 December, 2015, Johannesburg: The Unite Against Corruption (UAC) campaign confirms that the peoples’ gathering on Nelson Mandela Bridge is going ahead. We call upon all those affected by corruption to support the demand that #ZumaMustFall, whether by his own hand or by the decision of the African National Congress.

President Jacob Zuma has attacked the independence of the treasury, and by failing to give legitimate reasons for his attack, has given the country no choice but to believe that he is anxious to cover up corruption, in particular the South African Airways airbus deal and the trillion-rand secret nuclear deal.

Poverty and inequality are increasing because, as these incidents have shown, government priorities are wrong. A determined political will is needed to end corruption and wastefulness if the activities of a predatory elite are to be stopped.

Playing musical chairs with cabinet posts is an indication that pressure from below is being felt. But it is what cabinet and the rest of government does going forward that matters if we are to cleanse our society of corruption.

This is why we are demanding that #ZumaMustFall, and government must immediately respond, as they promised when we marched to the Union Building on September 30th, to the UAC memorandum of measures to counter corruption.

Occupying the bridge on No Reconciliation With Corruption Day will mark an important step forward for the anti-corruption campaign. Many more steps will be needed. This is an opportunity for the people to be heard. We appeal to all of those who are concerned about corruption, and the conditions which allow it to fester, to join us on the bridge on Wednesday 16th. Bring your own banner and posters, make your voice heard!

(Special Notice for activity in Cape Town: Come to Company Gardens Nr the National Gallery at 11am on Wednesday 16th December to join Barbara Hogan and others for a peoples gathering to demand #ZumaMustFall).

For media queries, contact: Oya-Hazel Gumede – 0824449468;  Zwelinzima Vavi – 082 466 6886;

Moss Nthla – 082 809 8533; David Lewis – 082 576 3748; Godfrey Phiri – 078 733 1236;  Mark Heywood – 083 634 8806

 For logistical queries, contact: Nobuntu Webster – 084 322 7636. For Cape Town logistics call Miles Giljam 079 574 2926 for Cape Town Media call Johan de Meyer 0827477104

 Nelson Mandela Bridge at 10am – Noon Wednesday 16th December

No Reconciliation With Corruption!



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