Monday 15 April

Dear Friend of SECTION27

We hope that you find our 2016-2017 annual review interesting and inspiring and we look forward to your comments.

Message from the editor, Anso Thom:

The years 2016 and 2017 were seminal years for SECTION27. They were sad, trauma-filled years, but they were also years that placed us on a path of seeking justice. They were the years of Michael Komape and Life Esidimeni, but they were also the years of the human spirit triumphing over evil. They were the years of seeking justice for the Komape family, justice for Rev Joseph Maboe (80), Christine Nxumalo and many others who lost their sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and parents under the most tragic and inhumane conditions in the Life Esidimeni Marathon project. SECTION27’s annual report is a small window into our work and our search for justice and a better life for all.

But while we are proud that our efforts have had an impact, we remain vexed by our inability to alter the underlying inequalities that manifest as crises of missing textbooks, medicine and ambulance shortages. As we continue our work into 2018 and beyond, we continually ask ourselves what needs to be done to put the health and education systems on a path that leads to progressive improvement and equality.  In particular we think we must do more to question the under budgeting and expenditure on key socio-economic rights. 

The review also shares among others who we consider our heroes and why, what folk say about us, where we get our funding and who make up the beautiful SECTION27 family.

Many ask us how they can help us, what they can do. One thing people can do, is to become our friend and make a small contribution which in turn enables us to continue traveling the backroads of Limpopo to monitor textbook shortages or the backroads of the Eastern Cape to speak to those who call in vain for an ambulance. All it takes is one click

Join us on this journey and help us play a small part in helping our beautiful country reach its potential. The full annual report can be accessed here: S27-review-2016-7-online


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