Friday 12 April

SECTrION27 stands in solidarity with the #TotalShutdown that aims to highlight and eradicate the alarmingly high incidence of Gender Based Violence in South Africa. We will be participating in the various planned acts of solidarity including the Intersectional Women’s march to Union Buildings on 1 August.

It is our view that violence against women has become a national crisis that needs decisive leadership that will take active steps towards systematically destroying its grip on our society. We are acutely aware that the scourge of violence against women permeates through all aspects of our society from families to institutions of learning and workplaces and needs to be rooted out.

It is time that we a draw clear line that one incident of gender based violence is an incident too many. Almost daily we hear of occurences of women being beaten, raped and at worst being killed, often times at the hands of intimate partners or people they trust. We can no longer normalise the abnormal and must all participate in the fight against the subjugation and war that is being waged over our bodies.

We therefore call upon all of civil society organisations to join this stand against GBV and come out in our numbers to show our solidarity for the #TotalShutdown.


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