4 March 2019

Statement from SECTION27 Men’s forum re: Wodumo Assault.


SECTION27’s Men’s Forum was established in November 2018 following waves relating to sexual harassment and violence in civil society and the continuous and prevalent violence against women and children in our society. The Forum consists of the organisation’s male employees and seeks to interrogate and confront the problematic ideas and behaviours that contribute to the prevalence of violence perpetrated by men against women.

We as the SECTION27’s Men’s Forum would like to unequivocally condemn the violent mysgonist behaviour of singer Mampintsha. Footage was released yesterday morning which captured Mampintsha violently slapping his long-time girlfriend and fellow recording artist Babes Wodumo. This is not the first time that Mampintsha has been in the spotlight for his abusive behaviour towards Babes Wodumo, and his continued unsanctioned behaviour is a reflection of societal attitudes towards gender based violence.

In an era of unacceptably high levels of femicide, particularly intimate partner violence in the country, it is reported that a woman dies every 8 hours at the hands of a partner. The onus, therefore, is on every one of us to denounce such behaviour in the strongest possible terms and to do so without reproducing the very same violent, misogynist patterns.

We stand in solidarity with Babes Wodumo and our thoughts are with her during this traumatic time. We encourage that all men be vocal and publicly condemn Mampintsha’s violent behaviour and to hold him accountable. Our position is clear, gender based violence will not be tolerated, not in our name!