SECTION27 submission to Parliament on Climate Change Bill

As the recent floods and persistent droughts in different parts of the county have made abundantly clear, the climate crisis is not a future event. It is with us today and is set to worse should we not act with urgency and determination.

These extreme weather events, which have increased in frequency, have resulted in loss of life, infrastructure damage, increased risk of water and food insecurity, and exacerbated existing barriers in accessing frontline services, such as basic education and healthcare services.

Climate change impacts are severely felt in sub-Saharan Africa but has contributed the least to the climate crisis and whose citizenry has the least ability to adapt and withstand the impacts and damage of the changing climate.

SECTION27 therefore welcomed the opportunity to make submissions on the Climate Change Bill. The submissions focus on the human rights impact of the climate crisis and the State’s corresponding constitutional obligations. Our submissions are widely supported and we have received endorsements from over 15 organisations across various sectors in civil society.

It is our view that socio-economic rights will never fully be realised if we do not prepare and address for the climate crisis. Our submissions make recommendations on the required governance measures, the inclusion of basic education as a key sector, making climate change law gender responsive, and financing climate action.

Read our full submissions here: