Monday 22 April

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) stands as South Africa’s blueprint for securing its electricity needs, outlining strategies up to 2030 and sketching projections to 2050.

However, recent assessments have cast a shadow over its efficacy and sustainability. The current iteration of the plan extends reliance on coal-fired power plants, with gas as a supplement, while renewable energy remains on the sidelines due to infrastructure costs. Despite the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s socio-economic impact assessment, critical factors like health implications and environmental costs are notably absent from consideration.

Shockingly, projections suggest a potential loss of 15,300 lives due to extended coal use, with significant health-related expenses unaccounted for in the IRP. Urging a shift towards renewables, recommendations call for a revision of the plan to ensure a balanced, sustainable energy future. This article delves into the complexities and implications of the current IRP, highlighting the imperative for a thorough reassessment in pursuit of a greener, healthier tomorrow.

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