Monday 22 April

7 June 2016 SECTION27 Submission on the NHI White Paper

SECTION27 welcomes the release of the White Paper on National Health Insurance (White Paper) for public comment. As an organisation that is committed to the realisation of the right of everyone to have access to health care services including reproductive healthcare and the right not to be refused emergency medical treatment as entrenched in section 27 of the Constitution, we support universal health coverage. We thank the National Department of Health (the Department) for inviting comments to the White Paper. We are in agreement with the White Paper’s recognition that “Prior to the 1994 democratic breakthrough, South Africa had a fragmented  health system designed along racial lines. One system was highly resourced and benefited the white minority. The other was systematicallyunder-­resourced and was for the black majority”. SECTION27 notes that the remnants of that racist and inequitable system still linger in post apartheid South Africa and see health system reform as vital to the broader vision of equality. We have, therefore, always been committed to working with the Department in the development of a policy that aims to realise the right of everyone to have access to healthcare services and that gives credence to equality, dignity and fundamental human rights. 7 June 2016 SECTION27 Submission on the NHI White Paper

BopheloHouse94 Appeal 20 June 2016

The Facts The Free State health care system, under MEC Benny Malakoane’s leadership, is one of the worst and fastest worsening in the country. Community Health Workers (CHWs) are a critical cadre of workers. They are in intended to be the backbone of the health care system. However, their conditions Continue Reading

SECTION27 on the CoN judgment

On 27 January 2015, the Constitutional Court handed down a decision related to certificates of need, bringing to an end the controversy over the President’s proclamation of the relevant sections of the National Health Act. The certificate of need provisions require health care professionals to obtain a certificate of need Continue Reading