Saturday 13 April

Mental Illnesses are not considered a serious as other physical conditions

The list as stipulated on the 27 Chronic Disorder List and the 270 Diagnostic and Treatment Pairs shows that mental illnesses are marginalised in terms of treatment, medication, hospitalisation cover and specialist consultations.

The World Health Organisation provides information relating to the Mental Health profile of each country but the information that is provided for South Africa shows that no major importance is given to Mental Illnesses in this country. South Africa has a Mental Health policy but no reports were submitted on mental health financing, inpatient and outpatient care, human resources for mental health or data on the prevalence of mental disorders.

However many reports were tabled for HIV/AIDS, TB, Stroke, Hypertension and Diabetes. Research has shown that there is a high incidence of Depression amongst patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

This is just one of the key points made by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. Read more in the SADAG Oral Submission to the Health Market Inquiry.

SADAG submission to the Competition Commission


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