Tuesday 28 May

Dear friends of SECTION27

The 2018 Budget presents a moment of crisis. If it goes ahead, indirect taxes (VAT, fuel and excise – which affect the pockets of lower income groups the most) will rise and social spending (on basic education, health care and housing, among others) will be cut. This will have significant ramifications for the fulfilment of constitutional rights and represent a major setback to the struggle for social justice in South Africa.

SECTION27 has been collaborating with civil society organisations across the country on a series of statements and today we made two submissions to Parliament on the budget proposals. The first focuses on the VAT hike and makes alternative proposals for how Treasury could raise extra funds in a far more sustainable and progressive manner than has been proposed in the budget. The second calls for Parliament to re-think it’s approach to public participation in the budget process, as the short timeframes for submissions and lack of public awareness of parliamentary processes effectively excludes the vast majority of people from having their say on a process which directly affects their lives.

We are asking for a moment of your time to review these submissions and let us know if your organisation would endorse them by 3pm on Tuesday 27 February. The timeframe is so short because we have to provide the Finance Committee with the list of endorsements by COB tomorrow.

Please send your endorsements to Daniel McClaren at mclaren@section27.org.za

2018 02 26 Civil society submission to Finance Committees on the 2018 Budget

CSO submission on the Process for the 2018 Budget

Thank you.

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