Friday 12 July

SECTION27 warmly welcomes the appointment of Justice Edwin Cameron as Judge Inspector of the Judicial Inspectorate of Correctional Services. The Inspectorate is tasked with monitoring and oversight of the correctional system, including the treatment of inmates and detainees and the conditions of the correctional centres. Justice Cameron is a champion for human rights and has previously played an important role in highlighting the conditions of overcrowding, poor conditions and ill treatment of inmates at prisons such as Pollsmoor. The appointment comes at an important moment when our country faces high levels of crime, particularly gender based violence, and the public’s attention has been drawn to the failings of the criminal justice system. The conditions in prisons and the treatment of prisoners must be in line with Constitution and must be conducive to rehabilitation if imprisonment is to serve its purpose. Justice Cameron will no doubt continue to advance dignity and equal treatment for all, within the correctional system, and beyond.


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