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SECTION27 seeks a qualified consultant with extensive experience in developing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks within the non-profit sector in South Africa. Requirements are outlined in more detail below.

1 month, starting on or about 1 April 2022

SECTION27 is a well-established and widely respected public interest law centre that seeks to achieve substantive equality and social justice in South Africa. Guided by the principles and values in the Constitution, SECTION27 uses law, advocacy, rights literacy, research and community mobilisation to ensure access to healthcare services and basic education.

SECTION27 aims to achieve systemic change and accountability to ensure the dignity and equality of everyone. Across our areas of work we are concerned with the duties of both public and private power. Our mission is to expand access to justice for marginalised and vulnerable people in the interests of equality and to ensure they are empowered to realise their constitutional rights.

SECTION27 was established in 2010 when it incorporated the AIDS Law Project, which for over 15 years had been at the forefront of civil society’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. The name SECTION27 is derived from Section 27 of the Constitution which covers the right to access healthcare services, and the organisation’s intention was to expand on the ALP’s focus on HIV to include health rights more broadly.

SECTION27 is based in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Although our work aims to have a national impact we do have interventions with a strategic focus on particular provinces – Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.


SECTION27 is launching its new 3-year Strategy 2022-2025 and is a natural progression of its previous Strategy. SECTION27’s priority work areas remain the right to basic education and the right to access healthcare services, with budgeting for socio-economic rights cutting across both areas. SECTION27 has more recently resolved to expand the nature of our work to include the intersections between climate justice, health and education. Furthermore, in 2020, SECTION27 embarked on a “gender journey” in order to strengthen its gender practice and identify ways of mainstreaming gender within its model. This journey has so far included a Gender Audit and a series of internal staff discussions facilitated by an external gender consultant.

SECTION27 has historically not made use of formal M&E systems and processes, rather relying on informal methods to describe its impact, based on evidence from successful litigation; anecdotal evidence from partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders; workshop and meeting reports; and regular internal reflection. SECTION27 does have a Theory of Change, however, it needs to be reviewed in light of its new Strategy 2022-2025. The above-mentioned European Union-funded project will mark SECTION27’s first foray using a structured M&E strategy and provides the catalyst to extend the project-specific M&E framework into a broader institutional framework that will allow SECTION27 to more rigorously evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of its 3-year Strategy.

Approach and Methodology
The core strategies and approaches that will be used in the delivery of the European Union-funded project, namely using the law, advocacy, legal literacy, research and community mobilisation, align with SECTION27’s overall core strategies and approaches. The project also ultimately covers the majority of SECTION27’s priority work areas, with the exception of a few smaller components. It is expected that the project results framework will be a useful tool and used as the basis to formulate the broader institutional results framework.

It is expected that this component of the consultancy will involve a desk review of SECTION27 organisational documents and 2-3 discussions with the Executive Director and M&E team.

The consultant will work directly with the Executive Director and M&E team to deliver the following by 30 April:
• A revised Theory of Change
• An institutional results framework aligned to the 3-year Strategy
• A list of standardised impact, outcome and output indicators
• An M&E plan, including data collection tools

The consultancy will begin on or about 1 April, in line with the completion of the European Union-funded baseline study. The consultancy should be completed by 30 April.



• Minimum of an advanced degree in social science or another relevant field;
• Other trainings in relevant sectors and approaches will be an asset (social justice, health, education, strategic litigation, advocacy, gender equality, etc.).

• At least seven years of professional experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation;
• Experience of carrying out mixed-methods baseline studies and evaluations and in producing high-quality analytical reports (examples of previous work will be requested);
• Statistical analysis skills and strong proficiency with data analysis packages;
• Excellent communication and written skills in English and the ability to present data concisely and clearly.

Please submit your applications by email to with the subject line Baseline Study Consultancy. Submissions must be made by 21 January 2022. The application must include the following:
• A brief technical proposal, including the outline of methodological approach and activities proposed to achieve the objectives, a tentative timeline with key milestones
• A financial proposal indicating total number of days required and daily rate
• CV/ profile
• References of previous similar work done

For any technical questions related to this RFP, please email


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